Agile Coach Overview


Agile Coaches have industry-leading experience in guiding senior technology managers through an Agile transformation. This includes a deep understanding of how Agile impacts Business-IT alignment, Release Planning, Quality and Cultural/Behavioral change.


Senior Coaches (CSP)

Senior agile coaches support multiple teams through an agile transition and work with management to resolve issues relating to dependencies between those teams. They are responsible for ensuring that technical environments and team knowledge are in place so that projects can operate in an agile manner. Typically, senior agile coaches combine agile coaching skills with specialized skills in at least one area like product management, project management, user experience, or agile technical practices, and a track record of resolving impediments created outside of the team environment.

Team Coaches (CTC)

Agile team coaches work with individual teams to help them implement and improve agile practices. Typically they have experience playing multiple roles on agile teams, including the role of scrum master. They have the ability to articulate the business value of agile practices (for example, to answer the question, “Why do we do it this way?”). Agile coaches have strong facilitation and diplomatic skills, including the ability to read organizations and bring the right people onto teams at the right time to overcome impediments.



Enterprise Coaches (CEC)

Enterprise agile coaches provide planning and support services when multiple lines of business are transitioning to Agile in parallel. They work with senior management to plan organizational structures that support agile transformations. They work with senior architects to plan the transition to an agile approach to Enterprise Architecture, and with testing leaders to create and mentor teams in agile testing approaches. They work with IT infrastructure leaders to plan and operationalize an agile approach to infrastructure. Typically enterprise agile coaches have extensive experience working with senior leaders in large organizations, an understanding of all major technology roles, from development and testing, to project management, to product development, to product Portfolio Management, an in-depth understanding of systems thinking and planning, and world-class communication and facilitation skills